T-Shirt Printing Sydney

T Shirt Printing SydneyT Shirt Printing Sydney

If you’ve landed on this page then I bet you’re looking for t shirt printing in Sydney, Australia. Lucky you’ve come to the right place. I know this website looks like it might have nothing to do with tshirt printing but I can guarantee it does.

My name is Nick and I work for a company called 24 Hour Merchandise, go ahead, look it up.

What I would like to tell you right now before you read on is that we specialise in screen printing and embroidery, we have a minimum order value which means we aren’t a contact screen printer where you provide a couple of t-shirts and we print on them. We also do not do digital printing, they provide low quality prints and aren’t very cost effective.

24 Hour Merchandise provides the whole garment and are official distributors for top retail quality brands such as: Gildan, AS Colour, Hanes, Fruit Of The Loom, Quoz, Ramo Collection and Sportage.

What is your minimum order value?

Very good question. Our minimum order value is $350 which is generally around 24 T-Shirts. Works out doesn’t it, 24 t-shirts from 24 hour merchandise. You don’t have to get that many if you don’t want to. You can get a smaller amount of t-shirts but make up the rest of the value trough colour.

Since we are a screen printing specialist we have awesome guys that are the kings in colour separation. This means we can provide very high quality detail with multiple amounts of colours.

I want to know more! Where do I go from here?

Brilliant! You have three options actually: you can come in to our factory and see the show room where we can show you some t-shirts so you know what quality you’re getting, you can call us directly on our landline or you can fill in our online quote form.

Above is the Google map to our location and below I’ll add in some more details.

24 Hour Merchandise
Call: (02) 9559 2400
Email: sales@24hourmerchandise.com.au

T-Shirt Printing Sydney

PS: We are also known as 24 Hour T-Shirts, 24 Hour Polo Shirts, 24 Hour Promotions, 24 Hour Hoodies, 24 Hour Bags, 24 Hour Caps, 24 Hour Uniforms and 24 Hour Workwear.


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